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Statistics until September 2015

Covered markets:



         -  The retail market for vegetables and fruits    number:21 (09 Boxes +  12Shop) Partly untapped.


                        - Market BATIMETAL                                                 Boxes :40 untapped.

                       -The retail market for vegetables and fruit                    Boxes :16 exploited.

             -Retail sales for the clothing market                              Shops:35 Partly untapped.


                      - Market BATIMETAL                                                  Boxes :40 untapped.

Weekly markets

-Cattle market :Naama, Mecheria,Ain-sefra,Makmen- Ben- amar,Ain- Ben-khelil.

-The weekly market of municipalities :Naama, Mecheria,Ain-sefra,Makmen- Ben- amar,Ain- Ben-khelil.


Milk production units

Unit production of cow's milk : Municipality of Ain-sefra.

        -Unit production of cow's milk OUNDJIRI.

        -Theoretical productive energy:20000 liter/day.

        -Current productive energy:5000 liter/day.


Mhe mills










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